Girawa – Clube Saúde Planetária Lins partnership begins successfully

The partnership between Girawa and Clube Saúde Planetária Lins (CSP Lins) began in 2021 thanks to an invitation from Lucas Sulino Fernandes, the National Ambassador for Planetary Health appointed by the USP Planetary Health Research Group. Clube Saúde Planetária Lins is integrated into Clube Saúde Planetária Southeast and Clube Saúde Planetária Brazilian (

Girawa has so far shared educational material on infectious diseases, with a focus on COVID-19. The material covers what viruses are, where they originate from, what dangers they present to humans, and hygiene measures that we must all take to protect ourselves from infection. It also covers how human activities pressurising the natural world are putting us in further danger of pandemics. Brazil has unfortunately been one of the hardest hit countries by the COVID-19 pandemic, suffering more than 600,000 deaths so far, the second highest death toll of any nation globally. This material therefore is an important contribution towards helping keep children safe from COVID-19.

The material has so far reached 189 students thanks to the following collaborators:

The feedback from students so far has been extremely positive! View the video link below where the students describe what they have learned and provide their views on the material.

Girawa will continue to work with CSP Lins to disseminate material on other planetary health topics, and to reach other parts of Brazil. CSP Lins will also be developing a festival of activities focusing on nutrition, and we look forward to working with CSP Lins to develop activities which will allow interaction between students of CSP Lins and the Foundation of Goodness in Sri Lanka.

See below for another video where students share their views, thanks to Joelita Rocha.

We are grateful to the students of Lins for sharing their views and are delighted to see how much they have benefitted. We would also like to thank Lucas Sulino Fernandes and Joelita Rocha for disseminating the material to their partner institutions and look forward to continuing our successful partnership.

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