Girawa Youth Club grows in 2024

by Joelita Rocha

Girawa made new steps in 2024 with the Youth Club Project after achieving good results in 2023 as a pilot.

In 2023, the Youth Club Project provided teaching material and mentoring to the Brazilian Ambassadors to create and coordinate 2 Youth Clubs, in Lins and Taubaté cities, state of Sao Paulo – Brazil. In a meeting with both Youth clubs, it was decided to create the Brazil Youth Club, aimed to connect both Youth Clubs through joint activities. The main activity was the development and installation of QR Code Social Media Signs on fruit trees in preservation and visitation areas in Youth’s local communities.

See the latest photos below from community events, interviews with the Dean and Professor of UNILINS, and environmental activist Loan Ramos Barnosa of SOS Mata Atlantica.

2024 Proposal

The Youth Club Project in 2024,  aims to provide teaching material and mentoring to Youth coordinators from Brazil, Sri Lanka and Kenya, to carry out the following activities:

  1. Create presentation about Water Systems with:
  • Discussion about  the SDG 6 “safe drinking water and sanitation for all”.
  • Reflection on Climate Change.
  1. Present the Water Systems with Discussion and Reflection to:
  • The Youth’s local communities  through the workshops, meeting  and events;
  • The Girawa team through online meeting

After presentations, the youth coordinators from Sri Lanka and Kenya will be able to launch their local Youth Club, through mentoring from Girawa.

  1. Motivate the Youth and prepare their communication to participate in COP30 event.
  • Founders and Presidents of the Foundation of Goodness and organisations involved in the Brazil Youth Club: the Núcleo Regional Lins -São Paulo of ABPEducom (Brazilian Association of Researchers and Professionals in Educommunication), Planetary Health Group Brazil and Rotary Club of Lins North will meet with members of the Girawa team to plan the activities at COP30.

Girawa would like to thank the Núcleo Regional Lins -São Paulo of ABPEducom (Brazilian Association of Researchers and Professionals in Educommunication), Rotary Club of Lins North, Sabesp Lins company  for supporting activities of the Brazil Youth Club. We look forward to expanding the youth club globally enabling greater interaction between students internationally.

You can continue to stay up-to-date with the Youth Club’s activities on Instagram @girawaorg @csplins @cspbrasil @clube_condor @recantosaudeplanetaria

If you would like to collaborate and set up a Planetary Health Youth Club in your local community, please contact us, we would love to hear from you!

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